Special Order

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You've reached this page of accessories because
  1. You have spoken to the factory and was instructed to order additional options
  2. Special arrangements have been made with the factory due to your installation
  3. You’ve ordered a special electronic fishing lure NOT listed on the other pages
Below is a PayPal link, which you were told to use for additional options. It's for
  1. Specials, extended cable length ($5.00/per foot beyond 10 feet)
  2. Duel Mako/Tuna or Marlin Tuna, or Mako Marlin. Dual units are $650/ea
  3. Custom lettering to include boat or Captains name
  4. Electrical DC adapters to power your unit
  5. Internal mounting material needed for the Tuna and Marlin units
  6. The list keeps growing
Accessories for our products