Many years ago we came upon a government study produced for the commercial fishing industry. It involved finding the sound frequencies made by distressed bait fish. The purpose of the study was to find out if a sound could be put in the water to attract game fish to a specific area.During our testing, various species of Shark, Tuna and Marlin along with Billfish were taken, as well as other gamefish. Many anglers commended that the "Magnet Series" is the most effective fishing product they have ever used. A few have complained they eventually had to turn the device off. They did not anticipate the amount of gamefish the unit can draw to the boat.
            MAGNET LURES
  • Mako Magnet
  • Tuna Teaser
  • Marlin Magnet
        For use on 
  • Tournament fishing
  • Scientific tagging 
  • Charter boat Captains
  • Weekend fishing
  • People that want to be proven winners
These devices are simple to use, and they work on the principle that has proven to attract Mako Sharks, Tuna and Billfish, just hook it up to your 12 volt boat battery place the transducer in the water and the device is automatically activated, that's it. It is now emitting a rich tone, while acoustically vibrating the water in a 360 degree pattern. You are now being heard a minimum of a 1 mile under water. The rocking motion of the ocean further activates additional circuitry and breaks up the tone by adding an intermittent harmonic. This easy to use electronic lure should be caged, or it will be eaten. The sound is heard by game fish as an invitation to a slow moving wounded meal. Than means a greater selection of game fish caught.
Technology has captured the fishing industry by developing a computer controlled attracting device that actually attracts different types of ocean game fish such as Mako sharks, Tuna, and Marlin. It's a proven fact that specific sounds attract game fish, the people at S2 Instruments have found a way to duplicate that sound. By incorporating the technology of today's computer technology, and incorporating the knowledge of some of the leading marine laboratories and biologists, then applying that technology to an age old problem, the fish and the fisherman.