Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it definitely does. We have many tournament anglers with up to 6 units installed. You want as much activity in the water as possible. Having our electronic fishing lures on your boat, is like calling the targeted species to your boat for a free meal.
Yes they are different. Looking at the feeding habits of the specific species: Both Marlin and Tuna are ball bait fish feeders. That represents a lot of activity simulating the ball. We use both white noise and multi triggering pulsed at a specific frequency to simulate this activity. In addition the size of the individual bait fish vary between them. The size concept is represented as frequency. That is, the smaller the bait fish the higher the frequency because the faster the tail can oscillate. Now the Mako prefer a larger single bait fish, this is represented as a lower and single square wave or pulse frequency at a different frequency.
We reccommend a fuse between 3 to 5 amps.

The Mako Magnet was originally design to be mounted inside the hull. This was because tournament anglers preferred to hide their secret weapon. This unit got so popular anglers started throwing it overboard using a milk crate with line tied to their cleats. More on this in our install page.
The Tuna and Marlin units are designed to be mounted INSIDE the hull due to trolling pressure on the DC line.

Accordion ContentFor over 25 years S2 Instruments has been supporting the tournament industry. We have sold over 5,000 units and have won tournaments all over the world.

If it doesn’t work for you, your doing something wrong.Do you guarantee me a fish ?No, but you will have more catches than the boat alongside you (assume he’s not a customer)