Answers to FAQ's

Are the units different ?


First look at the feeding habits of the specific fish: Both Marlin and Tuna are ball bait fish feeders. That represents a lot of activity simulating the ball. We use both white noise and multi triggering pulsed at a specific frequency to simulate this activity. In addition the size if the individual  bait fish vary between them. Tuna prefer a smaller bait fish, were Marlin prefer slightly larger. The size concept is represented as frequency. That is, the smaller the bait fish the higher the frequency because the faster the tail can oscillate. Now the Mako prefer a larger single bait fish, this is represented as a lower and single square wave or pulse frequency at a different frequency. This concept was originally identified in the 1950's at Mote Marine Laboratory, Bodega Marine Laboratory, and Miami University. I've studied with leading marine biologists such as Dr Bob Hutter, Dr Art Murberg, and Dr Pete Clemely. All leading biologists who wrote the book on the acoustics feeding habits of game fish.   


You bet it is ! It's like having more than 1 very large dinner bell. You increase your chances multiple times. Due to hull thickness a small amount of efficiency is lost, This cant be helped, except with adding additional units. Some of our customers have up to six (6) units installed (name withheld).

You may notice some of the Tuna shows currently being filmed in Massachusetts, The producers did not want to spend more time on the water filming than they had to.